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August 7, 2017 @ 8:20 pm

Head to Head #2 - Katie Yeo

Head to Head is a product of the Expand the Reach (ETR) program. www.expandthereach.ca

Mental Health is an inder addressed and mis-understood issue in commuities across Canada.  The team sport environment serves as a great opportunity for young people to be supported by their peers and coaches.  ETRs objective is to raise mental health awarness and related skills for 1,000 coaches.  

Katie Yeo is a professional MPC and retiered competitive sailor. As host of the H2H, her desire is to provide coaches with the HOW. How can adult allies (coaches, parents, teachers) create a positive and supportive working environment for their athletes.

Financial sipport is provided by the Ontario Trillium Fund (@ONTrillium)



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